Remote Timer Displays

Wall Mount


Model: STR-40A

Ths display is identical to the STR-40C display but housed in an attractive solid oak case.  It is perfect for large studios, the lobby, or audience areas and is viewable from up to 200 ft. (60 m) away.


  • Display: 4" (101.6 mm)
  • Case: 25.5"W x 8.5"H x 2.75"D (648 x 216 x 70 mm)

Standard Features:

  • Bright, Flicker-free LED Display
  • User selectable leading zero blanking
  • RS-422 time code input
  • Requires only a simple 2-conductor shielded cable to interface to a master timer.  For desk mount units, 6 ft. of cable is built in.
  • The STR-20x and STR-40x series displays are non multiplexed.  This means that you can use these displays on video and film without producing flicker.


  • Input Level:  2.6V p-p min.
  • Impedance:  10KW min. differential input (balanced)
  • Power Requirements:  In North America, all units are supplied with plug-in power adapter.  In other countires: 12VAC, 50/60 Hz power required.