Master Up/Down Timers






  • Bright, flicker-free LED display.
  • 10 hour range.
  • Timing resolution of 1/10th of a second.
  • Counts up or down.
  • Can be loaded with any time value including negative time.
  • Can be preset while running to shorten load time.
  • Can be set to stop at zero or continue counting in either direction.
  • Comes in a desk mount (STW-5) or a rack mount (STW-5R) case.
  • Remote control option available for STW-5R upon request.
  • Wide variety of remote timer displays can be used with both units.


    The STW-5 and the STW-5R are up/down timers that are functionally identical but are available in two case styles depending on how and where the customer intends to use them: desk mount or rack mount. The desk mount timer is housed in a rugged plastic case with a sloping front and conveniently placed pushbuttons. It offers portability so that the timer can be used anywhere in a facility. The rack mount version is a stationary unit that offers the convenience of being mounted into standard 19" rack frames. Both versions use 0.8" (20.3 mm), red LED displays with up/down LED indicators and are able to drive at least 50 remote timer displays using a simple 2-conductor shielded cable.

    The STW-5R can be controlled remotely (available upon request). All of the front panel control functions can be accessed from the rear of the unit using a simple remote control or footswitch. The functions of the timer are actuated by a contact to ground. Using a remote control gives an operator the ability to control the timer from a second location apart from where the main unit is located.

    Both units use larger digits to display the hour, minutes and seconds, and a smaller digit to display tenth of seconds. They operate from the power line frequency 50 or 60 Hz, which gives an accuracy better than 0.1 seconds per hour. They can be loaded with any time including negative time to the second, and count up or down from that time. They can also be preloaded while they are running to cut down on loading times during production. They can be set to continue counting past or stop at zero. Leading zero blanking can also be set.

The local controls are as follows:

        HOURS With the LOAD pressed, changes the hours.
        STORE Stores current time while running. With LOAD pressed, changes tens of minutes.
        START Starts the timer. With LOAD pressed, changes units of minutes.
        STOP Stops the timer. With LOAD pressed, changes tens of seconds.
        RESET Reset timer to zero. With LOAD pressed, changes units of seconds.
        LOAD Loads or preloads time into timer.
        Up/Down Switch between counting up or down. Works only when timer is stopped.


Display:   0.8" (20.3 mm), bright red LED.
    STW-5:   6.35" W x 2.3" H x 3.8" D (161.3 x 58.4 x 96.5 mm).
    STW-5R:   1 rack-unit --- 19" W x 1.75" H x 8.25" D (483 x 44.5 x 210 mm).
Weight (STW-5):   11.6 oz. (330 g.)
Time code output:   A variant of DQS time code transmitted using RS-422 signal levels. Balanced, low Z.
Output drive capacity:   50 remote timer displays, up to 4000 ft.

Ordering Info:

When placing an order with us, please refer to the model numbers below:

STW-5 --- This is the desk mount model timer.
STW-5R --- This is the rack mount model timer.